For renowned columnist Adriana Cohen, President Donald Trump generated a very strong economy, for which he deserves all the credit.

She also highlighted in her article published on Fox News the failure of the leftist ‘expert’ economists, who predicted ‘economic disaster’ if Trump took over the White House.

“You know the ones. They’re the liberal economists with overpriced Ivy League degrees who told us that if Donald Trump were to get elected president in 2016, the economy would crash,” Cohen wrote.

She particularly mentioned New York Times chief economist Paul Krugman, who predicted “a global recession, with no end in sight,” according to Cohen.

She went on to review several of the most recent achievements of the Trump administration, in the economy alone; presenting them all would generate a very long list.

On the one hand, Deutsche Bank indicates that global stock markets added more than $17 trillion in total value, with the largest gains for the United States, according to CNBC.

Also, the S&P 500 indicator, the industry average for the Dow Jones and the Russell 2000, grew by more than 20% this year, said CNBC.

The same report highlights the results of the world’s most valuable companies, including Apple’s 80% gain and Facebook’s 57% gain.

Similarly, Cohen mentions the benefits obtained by Americans, derived from the lower level of unemployment, as well as the 3.1 percent salary increase, which is also perceived from year to year.

“Average hourly earnings are $28.29 with a week’s net pay averaging $973.18 compared to $943.59 in November 2018,” according to Fox Business, also quoted by Cohen.

On the other hand, corporations have returned more than $1 trillion in foreign earnings to the United States since Congress approved the tax reform pushed by the Trump administration two years ago, Bloomberg reported.

According to data provided by the Commerce Department, a total of $1.04 trillion was repatriated to the United States under the Tax and Job Cut Act (TCJA) by the end of 2017.

In short, Cohen said it is time to celebrate all the victories achieved by Americans, with the lucky election of the 63 million voters who voted for President Trump.

“It’s time to uncork the champagne and celebrate America’s unrivaled prosperity,” Cohen said.

Finally, alluding to the 2020 election, Cohen closes by saying, “The American people should continue to trust their own instincts,” which she believes are far more reliable than the “experts” who dared to predict disaster.

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