The Trump administration is now increasingly consolidating the idea of wiping out Chinese technology companies and has been playing an important role in pressuring U.S. allies to do the same and counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) dominance in the field, a senior official revealed.

With the increase in the production of Chinese technologies to collect data from citizens, both inside and outside the United States, with applications such as TikTok or through efforts to implement 5G technology globally by the Huawei company, the U.S. government is increasingly concerned.

Keith Krach, the State Department’s assistant secretary for economic growth, energy and the environment, told the Washington Free Beacon, “The CCP is a bully. We know that when bullies fight, they back down. They really back down when you confront them, and you have all your friends by your side.

As Fox News pointed out, CCP is seeking to build 5G networks in the United States and other Western countries, which could potentially provide personal information and confidential data to the Chinese Communist Party.

Although Chinese technology production has become a cheaper option than the services provided by Western companies, such savings carry serious risks.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the CCP has been conducting spy operations for decades and have targeted American and European companies working on cutting-edge internet services, medical research, and other types of computer innovations.

U.S. efforts to encourage its allies to refuse technology contracts with the CCP come after the removal of more than 100 visas for Chinese students, who had hoped to enter the country, because they had ties to the CCP and posed a risk to technology appropriation.

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News, “I think you’re seeing the entire world begin to unite around the central understanding that the Chinese Communist Party simply is going to refuse to compete in a fair, reciprocal, and transparent way.”

“It’s central that we have friends and allies in this battle. We’ve worked for two years now to build that out. We’ve made real progress. You’ve seen lots of countries turn away from Huawei. You’ve seen them acknowledge the threat. They slept on this threat the same way America did for two decades,” Pompeo said.

For the current campaign that seeks to expose the CCP’s unfair trade practices and dependence on cyberspying, Pompeo appointed Krach, who is charged with turning around the foreign policy of past administrations that sought to strengthen ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

“[The CCP has] been in an economic war with us for 40 years. They play four-dimensional economic, diplomatic, propaganda, and military chess,” Krach said.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Krach and other U.S. officials are working with private companies, Wall Street, higher education, Big Tech, foreign exchange providers, labor, and supply chains, as well as infrastructure initiatives to ensure a variety of clean institutions for international cooperation.

In a recent letter to U.S. colleges and universities, Krach urged cutting ties with a country that exploits minority populations and uses its growing technology sector to spy on its citizens.

“Not only is the CCP a real and urgent threat to democracies around the world, but it is a real and urgent threat to companies,” Krach said. “They don’t just want to compete with you, they want to put you out of business.”