President Donald Trump has used comments by real estate mogul Sam Zell to send his messages to China and the rest of the world, “the U.S. has been subject to tariff terrorism” for decades and now needs to be “very tough.”

“The Chinese are very adept at not accepting anything. You’ve got to be very tough, and that’s what Trump is doing,” the president quoted Sam Zell who said in an interview with CNBC on the U.S.-China trade war on Wednesday morning, Sept. 4.

In the interview, Zell said, “That’s in China’s interests to correct,” but “there’s so much interest in the U.S. to do something that sooner rather than later people will come up and face reality” and the United States will end up with a solution that’s dramatically better than today.

According to the real estate billionaire, what President Trump is taking on China will also send a signal to Europe and other countries that the U.S. has “got to change the rules.”

“Frankly, I think the impact of what Trump is doing to China is not lost on the rest of the world. Europe has had among the most protectionist policies forever. They’re sitting there and saying, gee, are we next? Maybe you are!” the president quoted Zell as saying.

Zell said the United States has to basically change the rules. It could not defend the world and pay for it.

“We can’t run a system where we run an entire economy for the benefit of other countries, which have long charged us big tariffs.”

“Don’t keep ducking the reality. The U.S. has been subject to Tariff Terrorism for 50 years,” President Trump wrote in his tweet, paraphrasing a sentence from Zell.

The president also said a real trade deal with China can be done, echoing what the mogul said “it is doable.”

The United States and China are scheduled to meet for another trade talk in September after 12 previous rounds of negotiations without an agreement.

President Trump in a tweet Sept. 3 said, “We are doing very well in our negotiations with China,” but warned that if no agreement is reached before he wins the re-election next year, “Deal would get MUCH TOUGHER! In the meantime, China’s Supply Chain will crumble and businesses, jobs and money will be gone!”