President Donald J. Trump’s critics are attempting a neat trick: After months of denying America’s recent economic success, they are now owning up to it—and reassigning credit to the Obama Administration. “The economy remains essentially the same sturdy one Trump inherited from Barack Obama,” Christopher Rugaber writes.

Today, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett took to the White House briefing podium to dispel that myth. His case, by the evidence:

  • Business investment was on a downswing prior to President Trump taking office. It’s now up by more than $300 billion over the 2016 trend.
  • Orders and shipments of capital goods were on a downward trend before President Trump’s election. They’ve jumped sharply since.
  • Business applications were on a flat trend prior to President Trump’s Inauguration. They have now surged upward.

On statistic after statistic, after years of weak and inconsistent economic trends under the previous Administration, President Trump has delivered for Americans.

“If anyone were to assert that the capital spending boom that we’re seeing right now was a continuation of the trend that President Trump inherited, then, well, you know they wouldn’t get a high grade in graduate school,” Chairman Hassett said.

The facts: “An economic turnaround of historic proportions”

In their wordsWhy the great news for American workers should continue

Source: White House

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