Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for September show that states run by Democrats have higher unemployment than those run by Republicans, the Daily Caller reported.

The Bureau’s table shows that the first nine states with the highest unemployment are run by Democrats. These are the following:

  • Hawaii: 15.1%.
  • Nevada: 12.6%.
  • California: 11.0%
  • Rhode Island: 10.5%
  • Illinois: 10.2%
  • New York: 9.7%
  • Massachusetts: 9.6%
  • New Mexico: 9.4%
  • District of Columbia: 8.7%

Except for Massachusetts, the other states mentioned above are trifecta, a term that refers to when the same party controls the legislative branch (Congress and Senate) and the executive branch, in this case, the Democratic Party.

While the national average unemployment rate in September is around 7.9%, the states controlled by the Democrats have an average of 9.0%. In contrast, the states controlled by the Republicans have an average of 6.2% lower than the national average.

As the United States attempts to reopen its economy after the damage caused by the CCP Virus pandemic, the numbers bring some hope under the current administration. Since April when unemployment peaked at nearly 15% nationally, the percentage has declined slightly but steadily.

The difference between the number of unemployed in Democratic- and Republican-run states may be due to the different approach each party tends to take.

While the Democrats have persisted in keeping schools and bars closed and reducing the movement of people, the Republicans have been more optimistic about going out again, opening schools, bars, and churches, trying to gradually return to normal.

If the question is which is the most appropriate approach, there does not seem to be an answer that covers all scenarios. But it can be said that the restrictions imposed on a mandatory basis under the concept of health emergency are not welcomed by everyone.

Two state courts recently ruled that their governors’ lockdown measures were unconstitutional. 

The first case was in Pennsylvania where a group of business owners sued Gov. Tom Wolf for the restrictions he imposed on the state and the judge ruled in their favor.

“The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a ‘new normal’ where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures,” the judge wrote, adding that “the authority of government is not unlimited.”

The second case was in the state of Michigan, where the state Supreme Court also declared unconstitutional the law used by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to maintain the lockdown measures. Despite the ruling, the governor used her executive power to extend the measures for several more weeks until she could appeal the court’s decision.

An economist from Brown University in Rhode Island published a study stating that schools are not places where the virus spreads massively as many media and teachers unions previously claimed.

The study says that among 1,000 children, only 1.3 of them got the CCP virus.

According to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 94% of the fatalities of the CCP Virus in the country were over 65 years old and had pre-existing conditions. This can be interpreted to mean that for healthy people under 65 the virus is no more deadly than a seasonal flu, at least in the United States.

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