After thousands of documents linked Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in giant, shadowy international business, a courier points to plans by one of Hunter’s partners to join Mark Zuckerberg.

In his emails, Hunter Biden’s partner, Devon Archer, tells Jason Galanis, another of his partners, about the business prospects presented to them by the CEO of Facebook, according to The Post Millennial on Oct. 27. 

“This is great. I will have some edits shortly. One big [edit] is that Zuckerberg is investing in the Veterans vertical. We’ll own 50 percent of the business at BTC Global Hold co we’re investing in but he’s going to own 50 percent of the vertical PTSD in his and his partners for profit foundation,” Archer wrote. 

After Galanis asked Archer if he was talking about the CEO of Facebook, Archer confirmed that he was.

“Yes. They are in discussions and we’ll be privy to once we lock up an agreement and enter diligence,” Archer expanded. 

It is noteworthy that once the compromising information about the Biden’s was revealed in articles in the New York Post, Facebook was quick to censor the distribution of the news through its platform.

Facebook argued that it was doing so while confirming its authenticity, when normally the procedure is applied after the media in charge of confirming the veracity qualifies it.

Both Archer and Galanis were arrested for fraud and stood trial, along with Bevan Cooney. All three were convicted and Cooney is now in jail.

Cooney, from jail, authorized the publication of thousands of emails in which Hunter also appeared participating in controversial business. 

Galanis’s sentence of 189 months in jail was announced by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Sept. 24. Interestingly, Archer’s sentence has been delayed.

“Galanis, along with his co-conspirators Gary Hirst, John Galanis, aka ‘Yanni,’ Hugh Dunkerley, Michelle Morton, Devon Archer, and Bevan Cooney, participated in a fraudulent scheme to embezzle bond proceeds issued by the Lake Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation (“WLCC”), a Native American tribal entity,” the DOJ reported. 

Hunter’s background involves them in multibillion-dollar businesses from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other countries, and his father denied knowing about those businesses.

However, the documents revealed by the New York Post not only give away Joe’s involvement in those financial activities, being the vice president, but he demanded 50 percent of the income earned from them.

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