Conservative activist Candace Owens continues her fight against internet censorship. The demands have regained strength after recent censorship by Big Tech such as Facebook and Twitter, which blocked the account of President Donald Trump and several of his top advisers. Owens updated her lawsuit by adding a fact-checking site linked to the Chinese Communist Party: Lead Stories.

In November 2020, Owens had already announced that she was filing a lawsuit against Facebook data verifiers. She accused them of being “leftist activists” and that their role led to a complete censorship of dissenting voices. Owens stressed that they threaten the rights of Americans and all users to free speech.

“Guess what?! I am OFFICIALLY suing the ‘Fact-Checkers’ who are really just activists,” Owens said on her Twitter account in November.

Owens effectively challenged Facebook’s left-leaning fact-checking partner, PolitiFact, and won. Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers were forced to issue a correction and retract a “false” rating that they labeled as one of Owens’s posts about Joe Biden.

The activist recently updated her battle against Big Tech and announced a fact-checking site as a new target in her free speech complaints.

“Well, I’m using a site called ‘Lead Stories,'” Owens said in a video posted on her Twitter account. In addition to showing her concern about the absolute censorship of a democratically elected president. 

During the video she explained the complex relationship between Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and their joint efforts to censor conservative voices in the United States. 

Regarding the site Lead Stories, Owens reported that it is run by a former CNN employee who currently earns his living by “cannibalizing and defaming conservative content.”

“His website has published disputed fake news stories, including one that went after my content personally, so I’m going after him personally,” Owens said.

Following that comment came the least expected and most serious revelation of the matter, “Who funds Lead Stories? According to their own masthead, Lead Stories is funded by Facebook and Google, along with ByteDance. And what is ByteDance? It’s a Beijing-based company that owns the TikTok spyware app,” Owens explained.

President Trump himself by executive order described Byte Dance as a “threat to national security and committed to the Chinese Communist Party.”

In short, Facebook is paying for fact-checkers that are in turn funded by an arm of the CCP to operate in the United States. This highlights once again how the communist spectrum is quietly but increasingly pervasive in Western society, raising inevitable questions such as: Who can stop the CCP if not President Trump? What would happen under a leftist Democrat Joe Biden?