After information about Hunter Biden’s international business had circulated for years, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was notified of a federal investigation against him.

The investigation alludes to suspicious financial activity that could include money laundering, from China and other countries, Fox News said Dec. 9. 

The investigation appears to include the explosive information found on Hunter Biden’s alleged abandoned computer, which caused a sensation when the New York Post reported on it in October.

Not only was the information not denied, but confirmed by several sources, including former Hunter associates, but the media and Big Tech—Twitter and Facebook—started a strong censorship campaign to prevent its dissemination. 

From the identification code given by the FBI to the case, some of the implications can be deduced, among them money laundering, unknown white-collar crime and transnational, reported Fox News. 

Among the thousands of compromising emails, photos and videos contained on the computer, it was found that Joe Biden demanded between 10% and 50% of the income obtained by his son in international transactions obtained through his influence. 

The business spread to countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, and several others. It was also mentioned that Hunter Biden and his associates were selling access to influential politicians in Washington to powerful foreigners who requested it.

Likewise, Hunter Biden’s relationships with companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appear to have been the most profitable. 

Hunter Biden became financially involved with the CEFC conglomerate China Energy, headed by Ye Jianming, and linked to the CCP from which he had received millions in profits, according to a series of tweets sent by Twitter user Judy Anderson (@JudyAnd56006226)

“Per @ding_gang’s show, there’s more beyond #HunterBiden’s laptop dropped off at the repair shop. Somehow, a girl named JiaQi Bao is the key person to what’s beyond the laptop. JiaQi Bao (aka TianTian Bo) is the daughter of Xilai Bo, a political opponent of Xi back in the days,” Anderson begins her story.

According to The American, the FBI has compromising information about Hunter Biden’s international transactions going back to 2015.

The negotiations allowed the money to flow to the whole family, including James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother.

Against this backdrop, Congress also investigated the Bidens and their controversial international transactions, which may have had serious national security implications since they were promoted when Joe Biden was vice president during the Obama administration.


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