Twitter announced on Monday, Jan. 25, the launch of a new tool whose function will allow users to flag tweets from other people or media outlets that they deem “fake” and “add context.” The social media’s initiative drew criticism from Republicans leading the fight against censorship in these platforms.

The tool will allow users to add comments to other peoples’ tweets, even media reports can be labeled and other media’s links added to it.

Keith Coleman, Twitter’s vice president of product said, “We believe this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable.”

Twitter explained to Fox News that the company is “not fact-checking” with Birdwatch and said it is “not a true or false tool,” but a way to “add context.”

However, during the last years of Donald Trump’s presidency, Big Tech, under the same pretext of “combating misleading information” escalated its censorship of the former president, suspending him permanently as well as all those who expressed similar opinions and dissented from the narrative installed by the mainstream media.

In early January 2021, Twitter conducted a purge of some 7,000 accounts and limited another 150,000 associated with the QAnon movement from their platforms for allegedly engaging in conspiracy theories.

According to Breitbart “The QAnon theory centers around the belief that an anonymous tipster within the Trump administration is revealing how President Donald Trump is leading a war against the Deep State which is comprised of politicians, business executives, and Hollywood elites who abuse children and practice Satan worship.”

Se. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and one of the leading voices against Big Tech censorship, voiced his dissent, “Empowering self-proclaimed ‘fact checkers’ and leftist Silicon Valley billionaires to dictate what is ‘misleading,’ only confirms what the American people already know to be true: Big Tech is designating itself to be the sole arbiter of truth and is using its power to silence dissent.”

Certainly the “fact checkers” employed by social media have a strong leftist bias.

In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill, a wave of celebrities and Democratic leaders began a campaign of persecution of President Trump and his supporters, calling for them to be fired from their jobs, have their bank accounts terminated, stop funding them, or even calling for physical violence against them.

For all this, there was no censorship in the mainstream media, nor on social media.

Several House Republicans tweeted their first reactions after the Twitter announcement.