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At The BL we have a dream: to relive honesty and truth.

Across the world, a decisive battle is currently raging, and the world’s people are waking up to the manipulation of information, censorship, and fake news.

Our reports are never influenced by commercial or political interest. Since its foundation, The BL’s priority has always been to reflect and report on politics, economics, science, health, and other current issues, always with honesty and veracity.

The world is changing, the media that has not done its job professionally and impartially and has been seduced by material benefits or personal interests, will have to disappear, because the world has awakened.

Journalism has to embrace values ​​again, because the world wants the truth.

We will soon see that journalism will be respected again. It will become credible, it will report truthfully, and with rectitude. We are one of the pioneers that returning to the truthful and honorable way of telling the news, with an awareness of a new world based on values.