TheBL (The Beauty of Life) was established in March 2016 with the mission of presenting to the world the most beautiful aspects of life, with a focus on fundamental moral standards and the values of the authentic cultures of all humanity. Our hope is to improve mankind’s moralities through our exceptional articles.

Today’s world is in the throngs of the Internet age, which comes with an explosion of information. Diverse and complex opinions are abundant and easily accessed, this combined with the widespread use of smartphones means that people are constantly overwhelmed by huge amounts of information, and opinion.

Incorrect and deviant information can be easily channelled towards vulnerable or uninformed people who then transmit these corrupt messages back into society, often creating a vicious circle of misinformation.

It is our responsibility to be conscious of the kind of values that we choose to portray to the wider society.

TheBL is committed to assuring the authenticity of all of its articles and at the same time, while resuming the role of information dissemination, is determined to provide society with proper guidance. TheBL wishes to gather the force of kindness and transmit righteous energy while promoting mutual understanding and respect.

In the face of a complex and problematic world, TheBL is like a pure mountain spring, moistening the heart of every reader. It aims to plant the seeds of sincerity, goodness, and tolerance deep into the soul, so that they may grow and prosper. Maybe that is also what humanity is in great need of at this moment.

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